Over the next two months, Regional Arts NSW will be delivering two writing workshops to help arts organisations and their communications, marketing and media staff develop their voice and write with style. The workshops will be presented by communications and PR professional, Sara Crowe from C7EVEN Communications. Sara has over 15 years of experience in communications, stakeholder engagement, public relations, and event management and has been writing for different clients, media, and platforms over this time.

About the Writing Workshops:

WORKSHOP ONE: Tuesday 26 October, 10am to 12pm

What is good writing?

Good writing is for the audience, not the writer. Good writing is simple. Good writing is a process. During this workshop, participants will learn some of the fundamentals of good writing and identify individual habits and weaknesses to focus their writing development.


Participants will learn:

– Writing habits and weaknesses

– How to establish a tone for your writing and align tone with the occasion, and audience

– Build a natural cadence and communicate with conviction

– Writing as your authentic self

– Technical language when and when not to use it

– Have a plan

o What kind of writing are you embarking on?

o How do you want your audience to react?

o What do you need to know as the writer to achieve this?


WORKSHOP TWO: Tuesday 2 November, 10am to 12pm

Writing for different media

More writing does not mean better writing. If crafted well, one piece of writing can be repurposed for various platforms and audiences, helping to create efficiencies in our increasingly busy lives.

Participants will learn:

– Earned (PR, media relations, stakeholder relations)

– Owned (Website, social pages, eDMs)

– Paid (Advertising (print, broadcast, digital, direct, paid search)

– Shared (Partnerships/co-branding and Social media)


workshops will be delivered in a relaxed and informal environment. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share their stories, and get to know each other!


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