Having premiered at the Tathra Hotel this past May 2022, Almost a Mirror is an edgy mash up of live music and storytelling, based on Kirsten Krauth’s popular and critically acclaimed novel and podcast series of the same name. The success of the performance has proven the audience has an appetite for the multi-arts concept, with a fantastic turnout to the show and raving reviews to follow.

Presented by Headland Writers Festival and South East Arts, Almost a Mirror takes its audience on a journey through the 70’s and 80’s with iconic music from the post-punk world of St. Kilda’s Crystal Ballroom colliding with the pop icons of Countdown.

“The combination of words, performance and live music was part of the first Headland Writers Festival in 2021, with South Coast band The Novellas and actor Patrick Dickson,” explained Andrew Gray, Executive Director of South East Arts.

“Almost A Mirror takes this style of show to a new level with Kirsten’s words interwoven with unique versions of well-known songs,” said Mr Gray.

Shortlisted for the 2021 SPN Book of the Year Award and the Penguin Literary Prize, Almost a Mirror is a reflective story, contemplating the healing power of creativity and the everyday sacredness of family and friendship in the face of unexpected tragedy. It has the claim of being named in The Guardian’s ‘20 Best Australian Books of 2020’.

“We essentially created and presented a whole new show using music and spoken word which is quite unique,” said Mr Gray.

“Kirsten read from her book integrating words and songs throughout the performance, which the audience responded really well to. They were very engaged throughout the performance.”

Drawing on funding provided by the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) through Regional Arts NSW, Almost a Mirror was able to progress from concept to realisation as part of the build-up to the Headland Writers Festival which will be held later this year.

“Without access to RAF funding, this project would not have been possible,” Mr Gray said.

“Using the RAF grant, we were able to engage artists at industry standard rates, and bring together regional artists and musicians from both New South Wales and Victoria, offering them the opportunity to collaborate that otherwise might not have been possible.”

Developing and presenting shows of this calibre in regional areas often require additional funding to be financially viable as the ticket prices do not always cover the costs involved with putting the show together.

Almost A Mirror is part of the extended programming of Headland Writers Festival, with events throughout the year in the lead-up to the main festival at Tathra in late October. The show was fully organised and run by South East Arts and was supported by funding from the Regional Arts Fund, through Regional Arts NSW.

If you missed this incredible performance, be sure to book your tickets to The Headland Writers Festival now for more magnificent performances like this.