Creative work with, for and/or by young people has become more important than ever before.

With young people’s declining mental health, a deep need for an increased connection to story, community and place, and a burning desire to be acknowledged, engaged and entertained, the performing arts offer bridges across some large and growing gaps. 

Over three days from 18 – 20 July, this gathering of national youth performing arts leaders, and stakeholders, offers the most significant in-person event for the sector since the world was changed by COVID. Facilitated by arts advocate, philanthropist and experienced executive coach, Este Darin-Cooper, the event will feature conversations with artists, managers, political decision-makers and research partners – with plenty of room in between for making connections. 

The program features a range of formats to ensure there are opportunities to be heard – and to listen –  with keynote speakers, panel discussions and world cafe breakout sessions in which delegates can share ideas, think collaboratively and call for action.

Developed through nation-wide sector conversations, the program is geared towards connection and the path forward, so participants leave feeling connected, validated and empowered.

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