The NSW government has developed a Public art Toolkit which aims to help NSW Government agencies apply best practice principles to planning,
commissioning, implementing and maintaining public art. 

The Toolkit guidance notes and case studies summarise and illustrate the key steps in successfully creating public art along with links to further
specialist information.

The objectives of the Toolkit are to: 

  • Promote to NSW Government agencies the value of high‑quality public art and urge the inclusion of public art in our major infrastructure and placemaking developments, including health, education, transport, urban renewal and development projects.
  • Make clear that NSW Government public art projects, in all instances, need to consult with First Nations community first and advise on the best way to do this.
  • Promote employment opportunities for NSW artists within NSW Government infrastructure projects and provide guidance on the fair treatment of artists, and on artists’ fees in accordance with industry standards.
  • Help NSW Government agencies deliver public art within project budget, scope and site specifications, while managing risk in the delivery, public experience and maintenance of public art.
  • Give guidance on making public art projects and activities consistent with government policies relating to the environment, planning and placemaking, heritage, access and inclusion, and community and social priorities.

Download the Public Art Toolkit here.


Image: Interloop, Chris Fox, 2017, Wynyard Station, Sydney. Photography: Josh Raymond.