Closes 20 February 2023. For this year’s Textures of One Art Competition & Exhibition.

The theme for 2023 is ENERGY
Calling all artists with ENERGY ! It’s on again !
Textures of One 2023, with this year’s motif being ENERGY, the Textures of One committee
are looking forward to a bumper number of entries.
Once again, Textures of One is being supported by Platform Arts Hub and funding from
Blayney Shire Council and the NSW Government. The event is in its 9th year and is looking to
be bigger and better.
“Textures of One in a unique art competition and exhibition that encourages regional artists to
produce an original artwork using a motif (or theme), this year being Energy.” Jo Schmich of
Textures of One committee tells us, “The artwork can be photographs, sculptures or a painting
using paints or other medium including mixed medium, which are the judged before opening
night by local art critics. The winners are awarded certificates and prizes on opening night.
Blayney Shire Council also choose an artwork as an Acquisitive Prize that is then displayed in
the foyer of Blayney Council chambers for the next 12 months.”
Entries are now open to artists and the Textures of One committee encourage all artists
throughout the region to enter this year’s Energising event. The sections include Fine Art,
Mixed Media, Sculptures and Photography. Entries will close on 20 February 2023.
“After the COVID restrictions of past 2 years, we are looking forward to more entries. And we
know the opening night will be an exciting and energising event featuring the unique artwork
of our regional artists, local food, wine and 80’s music.” said Jo, “We’ve incorporated the
Textures of One opening night with Blayney Shire Council’s “Blayney in the 80’s” weekend
event. So dress up in your best 80’s outfit and join us at Platform Arts Hub at Blayney Railway
Station for a great evening.”
Tickets for opening night can be booked on Eventbrite
Jo would also like to remind us that the artworks displayed are also available for sale from the
opening evening and throughout the Exhibition.
The Exhibition will be open to the public following opening night on Thursday 2 March 2023
until 26 March 2023 in Platform Arts Hub Gallery at Blayney Railway Station
For more information, please visit Textures of One – Platform Arts Hub website or email