National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) started this petition as part of the new National Cultural Policy, calling on the Government to: 
  • Establish an Award rate for the visual arts, craft and design sector that mandates the adequate payment of artists and arts workers for their work and includes standard entitlements as recognised under the national workplace relations system.
  • Extend the small claims jurisdiction in the Fair Work Division of the Court to assist artists to resolve disputes without recourse to costly legal proceedings.
  • Introduce or trial a basic income scheme for artists and arts workers to address the financial instability caused by intermittent, periodic and project-based nature of working in the arts.
  • Ensure Centrelink recognises the professional work of artists and arts workers as employment-seeking activities.
  • Amend the Superannuation Guarantee Act to include visual artists, craft and design practitioners.
  • Increase funding through both the Australia Council for the Arts and the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) program for artists, galleries and organisations.

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