The NSW Heritage Grants Program helps owners, custodians, managers, and communities to recognise, value and care for heritage. The program is managed by Heritage NSW and supported by the Heritage Council of NSW.

The 2023–25 funding round is now open for applications under these categories.

Aboriginal cultural heritage grants

This funding category supports the better management, maintenance, conservation and activation of Aboriginal Places declared under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Read the guidelines for eligible activities: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Grants 2023–25 Funding Guidelines (PDF 321KB)

Caring for State heritage grants

This funding category supports the better management, maintenance, conservation, and activation of the State Heritage Register listed items.

The State Heritage Register is a list of items which represent heritage of particular importance to the people of NSW. These items are listed and protected under the Heritage Act 1977. Read the guidelines for eligible activities: Caring for State Heritage Grants 2023–25 Funding Guidelines (PDF 460KB)

Community heritage grants

This funding category supports communities to understand, celebrate and promote heritage and culture in NSW. We are seeking  applications for heritage projects that actively engage or reach a large number of participants. Read the guidelines for eligible activities: Community Heritage 2023–25 Grants Funding Guidelines (PDF 423KB)

Local government heritage grants

This funding category supports local government to identify, conserve and promote heritage, improving local heritage outcomes. It combines and replaces the funding available at the previous funding rounds which offered individual grants for Local Heritage Advisors, Small Heritage Grants and Local Government Heritage Studies funding categories.

This funding can still be provided for those purposes as well some additional uses that support local heritage outcomes. Read the guidelines for eligible activities: Local Government Heritage Grants 2023–25 Funding Guidelines (PDF 657KB)

Emergency works grants open all year round

The Emergency works grants are open all year round to eligible applicants and subject to available funding.

These grants support the protection or repairs to declared Aboriginal Places, items listed on the State Heritage Register, or items with a current interim heritage order that have been damaged by unexpected events (such as an extreme storm or accident) and where your insurance does not cover this cost.

Check the State Heritage Inventory to confirm the heritage listing of the item needing emergency works. Locally listed heritage items are not eligible for this funding. Read the guidelines for eligible works: NSW Heritage Grants: 2021–23 Emergency Works Guidelines (PDF 720KB) for eligible activities.


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