Cementa’s fundraising efforts have paid off! Through the efforts of fundraising, NSW Government grants and funds raised through an art auction, Cementa Inc has purchased the WAYOUT art space. The building at 71 Angus Avenue in Kandos, also known as the old town hall building has been claimed after a 3-year journey to purchase the building.

Cementa has built WAYOUT into a vibrant, regionally situated, artist-run contemporary art space. After nine years of operation, the not-for-profit arts organisation aims to secure a sustainable foundation for its artist-run programs and establish WAYOUT as an ongoing platform for regional participation in the arts. Cementa will now have a permanent foundation to build its future as a regional arts space!

“The purchase of this building will establish a permanent foundation for Cementa. This will allow us to evolve our unique approach to developing regionally based contemporary art through socially-engaged and experimental practices that directly involves our community as collaborators in our creative endeavour”, says Creative Director, Alex Wisser.

“Aside from the flood of support we have received from our community through our public appeal and the generous endorsement of our project from Create NSW, it has been the enthusiastic contribution of all the artists we have approached that has been so gratifying, expressing to us the high value that the artists themselves place on the work that we are doing.”