The Outback Arts region gains another valuable cultural asset today as the Standing Stories Sculpture Walk in Bourke is opened to the public through the release of the brochure for the self-guided tour.

Jamie-Lea Trindall, Executive Director of Outback Arts says “These sculptures are such a wonderful addition to the cultural narrative of Bourke, and of the whole region. They are modern, contemporary works, made using the most current techniques, but telling the stories of the oldest living culture on the planet.”

The project, which has seen 8 sculptures installed at the Back of Bourke Exhibition Centre (in Bourke) has been over 5 years in development. Facilitated by the Bourke Shire Council with funding provided by the NSW Government, the concept gained momentum after an initial concept was supported by the regional arts body, Outback Arts.

“Outback Arts were on board with this project since its inception back in 2016. Through a small grant we were able to provide support to develop the idea into a full proposal, which is what led to the funding commitment and the development of the project.” Says Jamie-Lea.

“This sort of project makes a wonderful addition to the suite of projects celebrating Aboriginal art in the region though the ‘Living Arts and Culture’ project.”

Each of the sculptures represents a different story, and a different aspect of Aboriginal culture and story-telling. Members of the Bourke community contributed their stories to the project, and worked with a local artist to conceptualise those stories into three-dimensional forms.


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