MusicNSW has officially launched its game-changing interactive tour planner which will drive regional touring expansion.

The innovative new tour-planning platform, The Regional Touring Network (RTN) is a result of a partnership between MusicNSW and the Regional Arts Development Organisations network.

The RTN is a powerful free map-based tool which makes organising your tour as easy as click, drag and drop. 

The centrepiece of the tool is its easy-to-use mapping and route-building interface, but users can also access detailed venue information, including contact and booking details, capacity and accessibility info, and technical specifications – everything needed to take the stress and guesswork out of touring regional locations for the first time. 

And this is just the beginning! The RTN is built to grow – venues who are not yet featured are encouraged to apply to be added to the network. 

“The RTN is the missing puzzle piece for artists wanting to tour regionally or even fill in gaps on their tours but not knowing where to start. It has all the info you need and is such a great tool for bringing more music out west of the great divide. Also an awesome opportunity for venues to really connect with touring musicians and the industry. Anything that continues to build community for regional venues and artists – I am a big fan of, and I definitely think the RTN will help with that.”

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