Regional Arts NSW is proud to present our first series of Click, our arts business professional development training for regional creatives. Developed by regional practitioners and arts-workers for regional creatives, the presenters on Click will give regional perspectives on professional creative practice. RANSW’s Click sessions cover a wide range of areas relevant to those aiming to work in the arts and creative industries.

You can book into either our August series: Arts, regional practice and the big picture, our September series: Marketing and selling your creative work, or our October series: Managing your creative business. Or you can book in for all three series.

Whether it’s the August, September or October series, when you book into a series you will have access to four Monday evening sessions on Zoom from 5.30pm to 7pm. Each week a different topic will be covered with guest presenters who have expertise in the field. You will be able to ask questions or make comments in the chat box and be part of a cohort of creatives from across regional NSW.

A one month series costs $55 with a concession price of $30. This covers all four of that month’s sessions. If you chose to book into all three monthly short courses you will have access to 12 sessions in total with a discounted price of $115 for all the sessions, or $65 concession.

Most sessions will be recorded and stored on the cloud, subject to agreement with the presenters. That way if you miss one of your sessions or your regional internet lets you down, you can still be given access to that material through either the recording or the session notes.

For those booking into the entire series you will get access to the following 12 sessions:

AUGUST SHORT COURSE – Arts, Regional Practice & The Big Picture

Session 1. Monday 1 August: Understanding The Arts Ecology

Presented By: Dr Tracey Callinan, RANSW

The arts is a complex sector. This session will take you through what comprises the sector: understanding government roles, policy, funding bodies, service organisations, networks and how to work in the sector

Session 2. Monday 8 August: Business structures & compliance in the arts & creative industries

Presented By: Alison Ivory, Finsura Insurance

Natalie Bramble, iClick2learn

Dr Tracey Callinan, RANSW

The session covers the important things you need to know about operating as an arts professional: what sort of business structure you need; reporting to Fair Trading or ASIC; superannuation; insurance; Work Health Safety; presenting as a professional.

Session 3. Monday 15 August: Working on Country

Presented by: Aleisha Lonsdale, Arts OutWest

Jamie- Lea Trindall, Outback Arts

Lexie Reeves, RANSW

Experienced Aboriginal arts workers within the NSW Regional Arts Network will provide insights into respecting First Nations protocols when working on country in regional NSW.

Session 4. Monday 22 August: Funding in the Arts

Presented by: Andrew Gray, South East Arts and Creative + Business

Dr Tracey Callinan, RANSW

This workshop will outline some funding principles and give you tips on how to construct persuasive arguments for your funding applications. You will hear about the funding assessment process from regional people who sit on funding assessment panels and you will be taken through some tips on doing a budget for a project application.

SEPTEMBER SHORT COURSE – Marketing and Selling Your Ceative Work

Session 5. Monday 5 September: Knowing Your Market

Presented By: C7EVEN Communications

Dr Tracey Callinan, RANSW

Arts practitioners need to understand their market and select the appropriate platforms for marketing and selling their work. This session will explore options from digital platforms to selling at markets and art fairs.

Session 6. Monday 12 September: Understanding Copyright

Presented By: Arts Law

A look at the legal side of what copyright is and how it affects your creative business.

Session 7. Monday 19 September: Your Online Presence

Presented by: Maryanne Jaques, Arts OutWest

Maddi Ward, Outback Arts

An interactive session in which participants can share information about the way they present themselves on their website and social media with tips from those working in the regional arts communciation space.

Session 8. Monday 26 September: Valuing Your Work- what’s it worth?

Presented by: Monica Davidson, Creative Plus Business

Monica will bring her well loved workshop that she has devloped with Creative Plus Business to CLICK, discussing how to value your work.

OCTOBER SHORT COURSE – Managing Your Creative Business

Session 9. Monday 10 October: Financial Management for Creatives

Presented By: Theresa Nguyen, Company Prophets

From managing cash flow to being ready for tax time, Theresa Nguyen will use her vast experience of working with arts organisations (including Regional Arts NSW) to help you understand the ins and outs of managing your creative business.

Session 10. Monday 17 October: Contracts

Presented By: Arts Law

Arts Law will take you through what you need to know about ensuring that you have secure and fair contracts.

Session 11. Monday 24 October: Business Planning

Presented by: Biz HQ

Working in regional NSW, Biz HQ have the expertise in business planning to take you through a process that will result in you having a one page business plan at the end of the session.

Session 12. Monday 31 October: Partnerships and Relationships

Presented by: Dr Tracey Callinan, RANSW

How do you build partnerships in your creative business with other arts people or with those outside the sector? This sessions looks at what is needed to make a partnership strong and productive and how it can diversify your income.