Ahead for business provides resources to help small business owners with their mental health and wellbeing. A short webinar series is currently available, made up of a series of episodes that provide an overview of mental health within a small business and some steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing, each episode is approximately 15 minutes long.


Episode 1: Mental health and your business

Episode 2: How to talk about mental health in your business

Episode 3: Looking after yourself


Struggling with navigating lockdowns and ever-changing restrictions as a small business owner? Many businesses have had to close during these difficult times, either due to lockdowns or financial struggles. Ahead for Business have resources to help you manage anxiety, stress and find a clear course for moving forward.


In new research conducted by the Black Dog Institute, the changing nature of work has led to a gradual decline in mental health among working Australians. For strategies to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of yourself and your employees, take a look over the Black Dog Institute’s research paper.


The NSW Government has recently launched a Workplace Pulse Check for businesses with more than five employees. It has 11 questions that help businesses gauge how mentally healthy their workplace is. Upon completion, you can see how your business compares to others of the same size, will be provided with some practical actions to help improve your score, and will be able to share results, set goals, and track improvement over time. This is a quick and easy way to see how your business is doing. Take the Workplace Pulse Check here!


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