Since it started July 2016, the vision has been for Burraja Gallery to become an independent organisation run by First Nations artists. Last year Murray Arts started the transition process for the gallery to move into its next phase as a sustainable First Nations led entity. The Gallery has gone from strength to strength with a growing audience in the local arts landscape, big online presence and now an active a website/online gallery at

In 2017 Murray Arts secured funding to employ a Curator to develop an annual exhibition program and champion local First Nation contemporary visual arts. Due to changes in the funding landscape, as a non-indigenous organisation, Murray Arts is no longer eligible to apply for the funding to maintain the Burraja Gallery Aboriginal Arts Curator Position. With the end of the funding, the gallery will no longer have a physical presence in any location. Fortunately for us, Glennys Briggs will work with Murray Arts on a project by project basis.

Burraja Gallery is alive and well online and will continue to showcase and sell artwork during the transition to the First Nation led model. We will operate from a studio location and post artwork out to customers.  We encourage existing and new artists to keep the work coming, we can organise pick ups and drop offs and help with other logistical needs.

Murray Arts will keep working with Community and stakeholders to support Burraja Gallery to its new model. Please touch base via if you want more info about what is planned and how to be involved.


Image: Didgeridoos by Phil Murray. Photo Nat Ord