Winners of the 2022 National Capital Art Prize have been announced at the official opening of the Public Exhibition of Finalists – selected from the 127 shortlisted artworks which travelled to Canberra from all over the country for the final round of judging.

Three talented Australian artists, across three prize categories, have each been awarded a cash prize of $15,000.

The three winners were selected by well-known Australian art specialists; The Hon Justice John Sacker, President of Arts Law of Australia, Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA, Tina Baum, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the National Gallery of Australia and Deborah Clark, Art Historian, Independent Curator, Writer & Editor, Curatorial Adviser National Arboretum Canberra Forest Sculpture Gallery.

Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin said, “While it is customary to say judging was tight, the calibre of the work was outstanding and there was vigorous debate – and all of this was to some extent true – there was unanimity in deciding the winning entries in all three categories.”

2022 Winners:
• John Rowe from New South Wales won the Open Prize for his artwork Dockland
• Dianne Tchumut from Northern Territory won the First Nations Prize for her artwork Basket Making
• Dawn Duncan-Smith from Victoria won the new Sustainability Prize for her artwork Knit One Tree, Purl One Tree

Robert Stephens, Founder explained, “The process of creating art is deeply personal and provides an opportunity for true self-expression. We all view the world through a different lens, and it takes bravery to share our views and beliefs, especially where it can be judged by others.”

The 2022 People’s Choice Award, chosen by the public through online voting, has been awarded to Daniel Leone from Australian Capital Territory for his sculpture, Ode to Casuarina. Daniel will take home a cash prize of $2,500.

Mr Stephens said, “I want to congratulate and thank all of the artists whose works were selected for this year’s exhibition for their creativity and passion – not just this year’s winners – but every single finalist.”

“I would particularly like to thank our Platinum Partner, Mineral Councils of Australia, our Gold Partner, Canberra Airport Group, Communications Partner, OPF Consulting and our Beverage Partner, Underground Spirits, whose support enabled this competition,” Robert concluded.

The 127 finalist artworks will now be on display in a Public Exhibition at the Fitters’ Workshop in Kingston. The Exhibition runs from Thursday 22 September – 12 October 2022.

Entry is free. Register now.

All finalist artworks are for sale online and in the gallery.


Image: Winning artworks by John Rowe, Dianne Tchumut, and Dawn Duncan-Smith