New England Regional Art Museum opened three new exhibitions on Friday, June 11. Each show presenting a diverse range of work including the historical and cultural significance of lawn in Australia to the local talent of photographer Simon Scott and onward to a collection of creative interpretations of the novella, The King of the Accordion.

The Blade: Australia’s Love Affair with Lawn delves into the cultural and historical significance of lawn, and how both plant and the mowing of it gained enduring popularity within Australia. Curated by Richard Heathcote, Director of Benefaction at Carrick Hill Historic House and Garden Adelaide, the Carrick Hill National Touring Exhibition encourages viewers to keep on the grass as they weave through over 100 hand tools associated with lawn maintenance, including a pair of Roman grass clippers from 23AD. The centre piece of the exhibition presents 12 historic lawn mowers dating from 1869.

Simon Scott: I See You captures examples of portraiture including images taken from his journeys to Africa as well as closer to home such as during the 2020 pandemic. I See You translates a saying of acknowledgement in the Ezidi language and has had a profound effect on Simon’s work as a photographer.

The King of the Accordion, a collection of creative works originally commissioned by New England Regional Art Museum in 1995 for an exhibition by former NERAM Director Joe Eisenberg. The body of work included the novella, The King of the Accordion, written by Anna Maria Dell’oso as well as thirteen paintings, each a unique response by an artist to the novella.

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