It’s the festive season, and Christmas is right around the corner! If you’re struggling with Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. A number of Regional Arts Development Organisations (RADOs) are hosting online shops where you can pick up a beautiful Christmas gift while supporting artists in regional NSW.


Buying local is an environmentally friendly way to support both artists and the communities they live in. You can be certain of the quality of the items you purchase and better yet, you can choose a unique gift with real meaning for your loved ones.


Browse a wide range of stunning artworks, ceramics, woven baskets, handmade cards and more. Some of the wonderful pieces available for sale through Outback Arts include Maddi Ward’s ‘Natural’ – Vase, a 9x9cm vase woven with Raffia, or Anna Kaineder’s Silver Spoon & Dish handmade with clay and silver.

Art is a reflection of the life, experiences and places that artists have inhabited. The deeper meaning and careful construction of each item makes for a more meaningful gift. Check out some of the other wonderful items available on the RADO networks marketplace.


Online stores can be located at:

Peruse the unique range of artworks for sale through Orana Arts website from local artists. Examples of the vibrant gifts available include Darren Blanch’s Cockie and Sunflower – Major Mitchell, and Shani Nottingham’s Becoming acquainted with butterflies. By supporting Australian artists in regional areas, you not only support the growth and development of arts and culture in Australia, but you also give a gift with meaning. The arts are a fundamental component of a healthy community, helping to develop regions socially, educationally, and economically. 


Spread some festive cheer this Christmas and help boost arts and culture in regional NSW as part of your gift-giving celebration!