Conceived as part of the Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment Project, River-Tree-Plain is a series of interrelated representations of the river systems, flora and land formations of Dubbo and its catchment areas. The aim of the project was to create a soothing ambience through the combination of natural imagery and mark-making and to enrich the quality of care delivered by hospital staff on site.


Gregory Carosi, the artist behind River-Tree-Plain, draws his inspiration from an abstracted vocabulary of wave patterns, vegetal forms and topographical details. The artworks cover the hospital’s internal walls in the waiting areas and transition spaces. The contours and colours connect back to the Dubbo region and the cyclical processes of nature and healing care.


Originally executed in oil on plywood, these works have been digitised and enlarged to echo and enhance the distinctive architectural and environmental character of the site. The project was delieverd in partnership with Creative Road and NSW Health & Infrastructure.


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