Regional Futures is about being proactive for our future. It provides opportunities for regional artists to create work informed by their lived experience, opening a dialogue for participants to engage and collaborate with key industries and leaders in their regional areas. This program provides an opportunity for regional and suburban artists to respond to the joint challenges our society faces, it stresses the need for unanimity, resilience, positivity and resourcefulness.


The project aims to foster a conversation on changes and impacts for regional communities. To highlight and strengthen rural and suburban links. To encourage partnerships, build networks and resilience in regional NSW and Western Sydney. It allows for conversation and genuine interchange of ideas and provides a platform to continue the dialogue as issues are explored by artists and communities.


Regional Futures has four components over a two-year period:

• Regional residencies partnering artists and key organisations
• A purpose-built and curated regional futures website
• A touring/metro exhibition providing Western Sydney artists an opportunity
to respond and inform the conversation
• An artist-led symposium


This project is a state-wide initiative, showcasing excellence and diversity in regional arts. Regional Futures will include strong community and stakeholder engagement across the state, and will allow individual RADOs to leverage existing, or build new connections with strategic stakeholders. It provides the foundation for future projects and partnerships across the state. The two-year timeframe allows sufficient time for creative development and residencies culminating in public events showcasing regional arts practice (exhibition and symposium).


A website is required with proposals now being accepted from interested parties. The website will act as a platform for presenting the documentation of artwork developments, the artworks themselves in their original format such as sound, photography, video, multimedia and text or documentation of the works such as visual arts and performance. The website aims to showcase the diversity and excellence in arts from across regional NSW.


Key Milestones

Project commences 7 Dec 2021
Basic website with landing page, FAQ and embedded Typeform live by mid-January 2022 to coincide with artist EOI call-out
Go live for fully functioning website by mid-March 2022


Proposals are due by 13 December 2021.


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