The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Arts, and Regional Youth Ben Franklin, visited Leeton to announce the recipients of the 2022/2023 Local Government Authorities (LGA) Arts and Cultural Projects Funding. This included $100,000 for a new permanent exhibition, “By Virtue of Water: A Leeton Wiradjuri Story’ at Leeton Museum and Gallery.

By Virtue of Water: A Leeton Wiradjuri Story is aimed at reconciling the history of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme and the cultural impact it had on the Wiradjuri people.

Wiradjuri men Elijah and William Ingram are involved in the project.

Elijah, who is a peace project coordinator, hopes the new exhibition brings more young people to the museum.

“I think it will be excellent to have the permanent exhibition upstairs to become a place of learning,” he said.

“And become a place where people can know the honest and truthful Wiradjuri story about the waterways, about the rivers, the channels, the canals and the works that have happened here.”

Minister Franklin said “This year has seen a real focus on First Nations arts and culture. Local councils from across Sydney, Western Sydney and regional NSW such as here in Leeton, are putting their best foot forward to deliver unique and diverse experiences.” Elijah and William Ingram are two local Wiradjuri men who are involved in delivering this new project at LMAG.