It has been an extremely challenging time for the students of St Joseph’s Primary School, Woodburn. Their school was decimated by the floods and some students also lost their homes. This week theatre company NORPA (whose home at Lismore City Hall was also severely impacted by the flood) brought a bit of joy and wonder to the students with an interactive performance of ‘The Underlibrary of Unofficial Histories’. 

The touring show, created by NORPA in association with the Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Lismore, relates directly to the NSW primary school history syllabus. ‘The Underlibrary of Unofficial Histories’ is part performance, part game that immerses the children in a quest to solve clues and unlock mysteries. The performance took place in Evans Head where St Joseph’s Primary School is now based while the clean-up continues at Woodburn.

“It was wonderful for the children to be immersed in the experience of history and time travel and problem solving,” said Sheree, one of the teachers.

“What a great way to take their minds off the things that are currently happening and to get lost in their imaginations,” said Michelle, another of the teachers.

“We are so happy to still be able to deliver this experience to school children in our region despite what we have all been through,” said Frauke Hahn, NORPA’s Engagement Coordinator “It is so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces and for us to create this world together.”

NORPA’s ‘Underlibrary of Unofficial Histories’ will be touring to schools in Lismore, Alstonville and Byron Bay next term.

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Photo credit Kurt Petersen