Image: ARTLANDS Dubbo Opening Ceremony. Photo by Alex Wisser.

Image: ARTLANDS Dubbo Opening Ceremony. Photo by Alex Wisser.

 Why should I get insurance?

Incorporated groups & arts groups are at risk of being sued if someone gets injured during a visit to your festival or exhibition or any property damage that may be caused to the venue, council property or other persons premises. Without the right coverage, you could be left paying legal costs and damages. You will often be required to have insurance as a condition of receiving a grant, or as an artist, as a condition of participating in an activity.

What are the advantages of joining a group policy with Regional Arts NSW?

The advantage of joining a Regional Arts NSW group policy lies within the buying power of the group. This gives you access to more competitive premiums and coverage which is tailored to meet the needs of the arts and cultural sector.

Are Finsura policies competitive?

Finsura quotes are competitive. Be aware that while you may receive a cheaper quote elsewhere, the difference may very well be in the ‘fine print’ or exclusions! For example, some artist insurance policies are actually group policies, while Artsure is an individual policy, meaning you aren’t at risk of others making a large claim. Regional Arts NSW will follow up on any competitive quotes for comparable products.

Am I automatically covered by becoming an affiliate member of Regional Arts NSW?

No, cover is not automatic. As an affiliated member of Regional Arts NSW you are eligible the group policy. Group policy coverage does not begin until you have paid for your policy with Finsura and been presented with a policy schedule.

Does my organisation have to be based in NSW?

No. Any not-for-profit arts organisation in a rural or regional area of Australia can become an affiliated member of Regional Arts NSW.

What is Broadform Liability (Public Liability) Insurance?

Broadform Liability (Public Liability) Insurance provides indemnity to the policyholder for bodily injury or property damages of a third party caused by an accident or occurrence in connection with your activities. This is a legal liability policy where negligence must be established in the event of an accident.

There are standard exclusions in the policy, some of which may be removed subject to agreement by Finsura. The circumstances of each organisation will determine whether additional coverage or premiums are required.

What is Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and Injury Insurance?

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and Injury Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or death of an insured person. Cover only applies while the insured person is engaged in unpaid voluntary work performed on behalf of the insured organisation. This work must be authorised and under the control of the said organisation.

This group policy provides cover for up to 15 volunteer workers at any one time. The number of volunteers can change from activity to activity. For example, you may have a rotating pool of 30 volunteers you roster; any 15 of these volunteers are covered at any one time for your activity.

Do volunteers need to be members to be covered under our policy?

In most cases, insured persons should be a member of your organisation. The policy can however be extended to include any person who is deemed a volunteer upon your request. For example, children and adults who participate in workshops organised and run by Regional Arts NSW or its affiliates can be deemed ‘volunteers’, and therefore covered by the policy. If in doubt, contact Finsura.

Do the 15 volunteers need to be declared before an activity?

Names of volunteers are not required at the time of cover.

What if we need more than 15 volunteers to be covered in our policy?

Each additional group of 15 volunteers can be covered subject to payment of additional premiums to be agreed upon with Finsura. For example, if you require 25 volunteers to be covered in an event or activity you would need to contact Finsura a minimum of 10 working days before the event to arrange the purchase of additional cover.

Is additional cover purchased on an annual basis or can it be arranged event by event?

In the case that your organisation has only one event every year where you would exceed the maximum number of volunteers, it may be worthwhile to include cover for the additional number of volunteers on an annual basis. We recommend getting in touch with Finsura to discuss your options.

Can Regional Arts NSW offer advice on insurance policies?

Regional Arts NSW is not qualified to provide advice on insurance requirements for your activities. Please discuss your organisation’s specific activities and policy needs directly with Finsura.

We are authorised to provide a referral service only. In making this referral we do not advise or represent that Finsura’s products and services are right for you and take no responsibility for the products and services Finsura may provide to you. You need to make your own decision based on the information Finsura provides. If you purchase any Finsura product we will be remunerated by them by way of a commission for doing this. The amount is a percentage of their remuneration the amount of which may depend on the circumstances. A commission may also be paid on renewal and in some cases on variation.


How do I find out more about policies and affiliate membership?