No matter what measures you may have in place, accidents can happen and tragedies do strike – we know this more than ever after the past few years where bushfires, drought, floods and a global health pandemic are just some of the unavoidable events that have impacted and reshaped the ways in which our arts and cultural sector operate.

In the excitement of creative activity beginning to return to normal, RANSW is urging artists and organisations to have a back up plan that can protect their work and integrity. An affordable, industry relevant insurance policy should be your first priority!

Regional Arts NSW together with Finsura Insurance Broking has comprehensive and arts-specific insurance policies for those who are a Regional Arts NSW Affiliate Member. We encourage you to join now and give yourself the peace-of-mind that you are covered for whatever may come your way!

Suited to your practice, events and daily operations, there are two types of policies available for RANSW Affiliate Members – Group and Individual. You can download information about the two policies below.

The annual cost of a RANSW Affiliate Membership is $55, with each year rolling over from 26 April.

Artists and organisations can join at anytime of the year, but in order to maximise the benefits of your membership, we encourage you to join from 26 April!

Find out more

If you want to know more about the fees and what is covered as part of these policies, visit our website. 

If you want to know why you should consider getting insurance and what the advantages are of becoming a RANSW Affiliate Member, check out some of our FAQs here. 
Join Now!

If you want the peace-of-mind of knowing that you and your work are covered, join the RANSW Affiliates Membership program now in order to unlock your exclusive insurance policy discounts.