The Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery has unveiled its shortlist of finalists for the Still: National Still Life Award 2021. With a $30,000 prize, a record number of entries from across Australia were received this year. Over 1,000 entries were submitted for the biennial award in a wide variety of mediums, subject matter and still life expressions, showing a 40% increase since Still 2019. According to Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery’s Catherine Fogarty, this didn’t make the selection panel’s job easy!

“It was a tough job to narrow down to the 59 finalists, as there was so much great work from every state and territory, with artists at varying stages of their careers.” said Ms Fogarty.

Still: National Still Life Award 2021 opens 14 August to 23 August at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery as part of their 20th Anniversary program.

The 2021 finalists are: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Jordan Azcune, Julie Bartholomew, Samuel Beattie, Catherine Bell, Peter Berner, Yannick Blattner, Sophie Bottomley, Kristin Burgham, Steve Bush, Penelope Campbell, Jacob Canet-Gibson, Regi Cherini, Michael Cook, Grace Cram, Mitchell Donaldson, Kate Dorrough, Blak Douglas, Katherine Edney, Ernabella Arts, Sebastian Galloway, Susan Gourley, Libby Haines, Charlotte Haywood, Emma Hodges, Harley Ives, Susan Jacobsen, Josh Carl Juett, Violetta Lanza, Chris Leaver, Donna Marcus, Kiata Mason, Noel McKenna, Nikky Morgan-Smith, the incrEdible Museum, Michelle Neal, Pamela Pauline, Sarah Randall, Genevieve Felix Reynolds, Rose Rigley, Avan Robins, Brian Robinson, Lucy Roleff, Yul Scarf, Daniel Sherington, Ken Smith, Kylie Spear with Thomas Kidd, Dannielle Thorman, John Van Der Kolk, Oksana Waterfall, Gerry Wedd, Greg Weight, Polly Wells, Cleo Wilkinson, Elizabeth Willing, Andrea Wilson, Chris Wilson, Kat Wood, Peggy Zephyr.

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