Australia’s Council for the Arts has implemented a digital culture strategy that firmly sets their vision on a digitally enables and thriving arts and cultural industry. Providing the framework to steer a future approach towards priorities for digital development, the objective is to increase digital engagement with arts and creativity, leading to greater community connection and wellbeing. This will be achieved by building capability and resilience across the arts and cultural industries.

By 2024:

  • First Nations arts and cultural experiences are amplified through digital mediums.
  • Audiences can easily discover and access Australian arts and culture online.
  • Australian creative practitioners embrace digital and emerging technologies to develop their practice.
  • Digital environments support sustainable creative careers and business models.
  • Australian creative practitioners are digitally confident and proficient.
  • Digital environments are accessible, inclusive and safe for all practitioners and audiences.

This strategy has been informed by in-depth research including focused consultation with the sector, leading practitioners and technologists.

Part of this strategy is formed by the Digital Culture Program, which aims to digitally enable artists and cultural organisations through the development of practice, shared knowledge, and investing in innovation.

This four-year program includes:

  • A dedicated First Nations digital program.
  • Focused digital literacy and skills development initiatives.
  • Research, resources and knowledge sharing.
  • A framework for accelerating innovation and investment in digital projects.

The changes in everyday life and the world around us brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strength and resilience of the arts and cultural industries, and has also clearly defined the urgent need for relevant digital skills, strategies and mindsets to effectively continue to deliver new creative work, and allow for those in the creative industry to build sustainable careers, nationally and internationally.

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