The Country Arts Support Program (CASP) is an annual small grants program funded by Create NSW and managed by Regional Arts Development Organisations (RADOs). It has the following objectives: 

  • grow creative leadership and programming excellence in NSW 
  • strengthen NSW arts and cultural activity that drives community and social benefits 
  • showcase NSW as a leader for strategic arts and cultural governance and strong financial management. 

Project Types 

What will be funded? 

CASP grants may be used to support a range of arts and cultural activities. Examples of projects that may be funded include, but are not limited to:  

  • development of new works; 
  • workshops (funds should primarily support artist/tutor fees and/or materials); 
  • events (eg. Concerts, performances); 
  • community arts projects; 
  • purchase of equipment and/or materials related to your creative practice, for example: 
  • a professional musician/artist looking to upgrade an instrument or technical equipment; 
  • an organisation/group looking to upgrade or purchase equipment such as a kiln or printing press. 

Who can apply?  
You can apply in the following categories: 

  • Individual 
  • Collectives 
  • Incorporated Groups 
  • Local Governments 
  • Not-for-profit Organisation 

If you require assistance with the guidelines or completing the application form, please contact us between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday: 

Applications close: Monday 23 May, 2022. Projects are to be completed between 1 July and 31 December 2022. 

Funding Available 

Funding of up to $500 (Individuals) and $5,000 (Groups/Collectives/Organisations*) is available to support the development of arts and cultural activities in Far West NSW. 

*Unincorporated groups or collectives will be required to have a Nominated Funds Supervisor/Auspice. 

Funding is not available for: 

Activities or projects that are not directly related to the Arts, or that do not demonstrate benefit to the Far West community. This includes: 

  • individuals who cannot demonstrate an established practice; 
  • fees toward education or courses; 
  • project staffing costs (for organisations); 
  • recovering the costs of items and/or materials already purchased; 
  • fundraising, awards or prize money. 

Apply now 

To apply for funding, you will need to complete and submit the relevant application form through our secure online grants system, SmartyGrants


CASP grants support creative activities in Far West NSW.  To be eligible for a West Darling Arts’ CASP grant, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be a resident or organisation located in Far West NSW, within one of the following municipalities: 
  • Broken Hill City Council 
  • Central Darling Shire 
  • Wentworth Shire 
  • Far West Unincorporated Region 
  1. Have an ABN, OR have a demonstrated relationship with a Nominated Funds Supervisor that can auspice grant funds.  
  2. Project Focus 
    Your project/activity must be a clearly defined arts and cultural project/activity. 

Who will assess my application? 

Applications will be assessed by a panel of local arts professionals, and representatives from West Darling Arts.  
How will my application be assessed? 

Applications will be assessed on their merit and positive impact on the creative development of the Far West community.  

Your application should show us how it meets the following criteria: 

  1. Merit 
    The artistic reason for your project, including: 
  • What is your project/activity about? 
  • Who is involved and why? 
  • How have you prepared for it? 
  • The reason for doing the project/activity. 
  • The professionalism and/or experience of the people involved.  
  1. Impact (Benefit) 
    Explain how the project/activity will benefit you and/or the community/ies involved in the project/activity. 
  2. Viability 
    Include your project plan, timeline and budget to show how you will effectively manage and use resources to do the project/activity.  

Supporting Material 

Your application will require letters of support or referees that demonstrate partnerships or an identified need for the project/activity within the chosen community/ies. 

When will I know the outcome of my application? 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications approximately 3-4 weeks after they submit their application. 

What is a Nominated Funds Supervisor? 

A Nominated Funds Supervisor is an administrative body/third party that can receive and administer funds on your behalf if you or your group/collective do not have an ABN.   

You may be asked for a fee for this service and it is recommended that you include that fee in your project budget. 

Further Information 

For further information on how to apply, or to discuss the eligibility of your project/activity, please contact Cathy Farry between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday:  Telephone: (08) 8087 9035 or 0487 903 507, Email: