The Indigenous Leadership Summit is a comprehensive and inclusive, educationally focused program over two summit days and two workshop days. It will place particular focus on how organisations can empower indigenous leadership throughout their workplace, what Indigenous leaders have learned on their leadership journey and what advice they have for emerging leaders. It will also highlight what needs to be done to overcome institutional barriers to Indigenous leadership and inclusion throughout workplaces around Australia.


Key speakers include Any Christine, Stan Grant, Gabby Costigan, Deborah Richardson and James Phillis.


The event features keynotes, case studies and panel discussions by Australia’s Indigenous leaders, VIPs and CEOs from a range of public and private sector organisations. This event is a forum where Australia’s top leaders can have brave, not safe, conversations and openly discuss tangible action to change the landscape of Indigenous careers, progression and integration. As we transform employment outcomes and socio-economic statuses of Indigenous people, we impact education, health and social outcomes across the board.


The summit will be held on 22-25 March in Sydney. Buy your tickets here.