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Museums Australasia 2016 | Peter White’s Provocation

RANSW Chair and Aboriginal Creative and Cultural Consultant, Peter White spoke at the Museums Australasia 2016 conference in Auckland, NZ, May 2016.

This is a transcript of his address.

RANSW Business Plan 2015 - 2018

CAMRA toolkit | All Culture is Local

A good practice guide to regional cultural mapping and planning from local government.

The CAMRA toolkit is an outcome from a 5 year Australian Research Council funded project.  Over this time 4 universities, 4 local governments, and peak Regional, State and Federal agencies sought to develop knowledge that would enable better informed planning for Arts and Cultural development in rural and regional communities.

You can download CAMRA for free HERE

A History of Aboriginal Arts Development in the Regional Arts NSW Network

The past ten years have seen a remarkable growth in Aboriginal arts activity within and across the network of 14 Regional Arts Boards in NSW.

Trace the steady development of our Indigenous Arts Development Officer’s network in this paper, and learn more about the different journey’s each region has taken to support a more strategic and sustainable approach to Aboriginal Arts and Cultural activity.

The Regional Arts Network | Beyond 50 Years in the Bush

15 years after the publication “50 Years In The Bush” , this paper looks at how the network has developed since then.

[Produced 2014 by Regional Arts NSW]

CAMRA Toolkit Launch | Janice Summerhayes' speech

RANSW Chairperson, Janice Summerhayes, spoke at the launch of All Culture is Local: good practice in regional cultural mapping and planning from local government, 10 November 2013.

This is a transcript of her address.

Articulate 2013 | Lindy Hume's Speech


RANSW member of the Board of Directors and Chair of STARTS, Lindy Hume, spoke at the Articulate conference in Rockhampton, August 2013.

This is a transcript of her address.

Grant Writing Guide- December 2012

Assistance for applicants to the grants programs administered by Regional Arts NSW.

Quotes, Stats & Facts- December 2012

A compendium of quotes, statistics and facts about the arts for arts advocates and lobbyists in regional NSW. Includes information from existing studies of the social and economic value of the arts from around the world; information about levels of participation in the arts in Australia and some funding statistics for arts activity in regional NSW.

Arts Based Intervention, Broken Hill- Published October 2012

A collaboration between Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, University of Sydney and West Darling Arts is an initiative to increase skills, knowledge and attitudes of health professionals by introducing an art programme to compliment undergraduate curricula.

Creative Industries Think Tank - September 2012

Regional Arts NSW’s response to the Creative Industries Think Tank from September 2012.

National Regional Arts Broadband Forum Paper- March 2011

An outline of the key ideas coming out of the National Regional Arts Broadband Forum, held in Canberra in early 2011.

Training and Education Needs in the NSW Aboriginal Visual Arts Sector- April 2010

A research project on the training and professional development needs of Aboriginal artists in NSW, prepared by Regional Arts NSW in April 2010.

Quality of Light, Quality of Life: Professional Artists and Cultural Industries in and around Broken Hill- April 2007

A report on the state of the arts and cultural industries sector in and around Broken Hill.