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Logos for Regional Arts NSW, CASP and RAF.

If you need a logo for acknowledgement of a grant program, DO NOT use the Regional Arts NSW logo! You will need to use the logos for either CASP or RAF which are below.

Regional Arts NSW logos

If you need to use the Regional Arts NSW logo you should determine which version you require. There are three versions of the logo:

  • stacked version with the text beneath the graphic.
  • An inline version with the text to the right of the graphic.
  • square version using the graphic element only.


All versions of the logo are available as EPS and JPEG files in the following colour formats:

  • PMS (Pantone 415)
  • CMYK (0, 0, 12, 41)
  • RGB (166, 166, 154) – JPEG only
  • Black and White


If the logo cannot be reproduced in the corporate colours, it should be reproduced in black and white or in the darkest of the PMS colours you are using.

Country Arts Support Program - Acknowledgement & Logos


CASP Logo Jpeg

All promotional material for CASP funded projects must acknowledge the assistance of your Regional Arts Development Organisation, Regional Arts NSW and Arts NSW with the prominent display of the logo.

The logo should appear on any and all:

■ pamphlets
■ posters
■ programs
■ invitations
■ advertisements
■ publications
■ media releases
■ webpages

produced for CASP funded projects.
Downloading and using the logos

The CASP logos and statement are provided in 3 forms – jpeg, png and TIF. Jpeg & png is more useful for web, email or low resolution print media, and TIF is better for high resolution print media. Right click and select “Save as” or “Save file as” to save the image to your computer.

If you have any queries about accessing and using these logos, or require a different file type than those listed, please contact us.

Telephone 02 9270 2502  |  Email

Regional Arts Fund - Acknowledgement & Logos

RAF Logo with text

The Australian Government requires that Regional Arts Fund grant recipients prominently feature visible recognition of the program’s support in all materials and publications related to the grant through both the use of a logo and a statement of accreditation.

This acknowledgement should be commensurate with that given to any other funding bodies, sponsors or donors for similar levels of support.

We have provided for download a “simple” version of the logo, which has the RAF and Regional Arts NSW logos combined with the required text, and a “simple” version with both logos and no text. More detailed versions of the RAF logos in different formats are available from the Department for Communications & the Arts. In most cases, the “simple” versions should be sufficient, and care should be taken when using logos from the Department’s website to include the necessary text statement where possible (given below). If you require a copy of the Regional Arts Fund logo in a different file type please email
Advertising and promotional material

A logo must be included in a prominent place on all advertising and promotional material associated with the project (e.g. brochures, flyers, posters and press advertisements).

Advertising and promotional material should also contain the appropriate accreditation of the Regional Arts Fund in a prominent place.

The prescibed text of the message is:

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative that supports sustainable cultural development in regional, remote and very remote Australia.

This text is included in the “simple” version of the logo available for download on the right.
Media releases

All media releases regarding the project must include an acknowledgement, for example:

The project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia.
Other contexts

It is also appropriate to acknowledge the Regional Arts Fund’s contribution to the activity in other promotional contexts, such as opening speeches, media interviews, etc.