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Star Picket

Star Picket was a cross cultural collaboration involving 12 central west visual artists, curated by Indigenous and non-Indigenous art workers, leading to an exhibition at Orange Regional Art Gallery February-April, 2018.
The artists investigated Indigenous night sky stories and mapping, visiting locations in the Central West NSW, Lake Mungo NSW and Cape York, leading to inter-arts interpretations of Indigenous seasonal farming practices, mythology and travel pathways based upon this traditional knowledge.
Artists investigated these aspects in a series of professional development workshops and field trips located in both the Central West NSW and Lake Mungo. Interpretations of this material were discussed and researched between the artists and key industry experts. Artists included Genevieve Carroll, Phoebe Cowdery, John Daly, Jaq Davies, Rebecca Dowling, Virginia Hilyard, Ken Hutchinson, Aleshia Lonsdale, Bill Moseley, Nyree Reynolds, Irene Ridgeway, Vicki Skarratt, Heather Vallance and Lee Wynyard. The final exhibition was curated by Phoebe Cowdery and Aleshia Lonsdale.
Supplementary to this exhibition were workshops led by artists facilitated at the Orange Regional Gallery, during the StarPicket exhibition in tintype photography to all age groups.
“Searching and capturing the invisible energy of sound, and using the recordings to communicate emotion was totally new to me. As a photographer, I communicate with images, so exploring the landscape, searching for detail I could not see was surprisingly powerful. This was an extremely well coordinated productive workshop.” – Vicki Skarratt, participating artist

Cultural & Economic Impacts


Social Impacts

“When Phoebe Cowdery and Aleshia Lonsdale brought the concept of the exhibition to us in late 2016, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to support the generation of new work by the participating artists, many of whom are based in the Central West…The central idea of inviting contemporary artists to respond to Indigenous traditional owners’ and elders’ interpretations of the night sky is at once elegant and complex. There is an initial poetic response to the idea, followed by a need to take seriously the cultural challenges presented by an ambitious project such as this.” – Brad Hammond, Orange Regional Gallery Director
For more information visit the CORRIDOR project.