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Stand Up, Jump In

Stand Up, Jump In was a dynamic dance and physical theatre project and cultural exchange that brought artists from Force Majeure and Powerhouse Youth Theatre to Griffith for a series of workshops with at-risk Aboriginal and Islander young people, teaching them parkour and street dance.
The workshops took place over a series of months, allowing the young people to build relationships with the artists as well as developing their physical skills. These relationships and the resulting cultural exchange were a significant part of the project, allowing the young people to share their stories and explore ways to tell them through the narrative of urban choreography.
Artists from Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC) parkour troupe in Western Sydney attended regular sessions at Tirkandi Inaburra Aboriginal Cultural Program, working with Aboriginal boys aged 12-15 years. The boys in the parkour project developed a short performance piece which they presented as part of MY FEST (Murrumbidgee Youth) eXtreme Arts Festival, performing alongside DMC for their parents and communities.
The Strong Girls group took part in dance workshops and camps with Force Majeure dancers Danielle Michich and Ghenoa Gela, a Torres Strait dancer. During the project the girls explored numerous movement experiences in a variety of urban and rural locations, including sharing important cultural sites, which were then transformed into a powerful and evocative video. The video was shown at the opening of MY FEST Live concert, and has been shown at several other events, including the Welcome to County at Griffith Regional Theatre’s 2018 Season Launch.

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Social Impacts

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