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South East Arts | Grow the Music

South East Arts brought Grow the Music back to South East NSW, courtesy of Create NSW.
Throughout October, the Grow the Music crew undertook intensive music and recording workshops in the Aboriginal communities of Wallaga Lake and Eden, NSW.
It’s the third year in a row that South East Arts has brought the program to the region but the first time that it incorporated the communities around Eden. Each year, the growing musical ability of the younger performers who take part is evident as well as the engagement with the broader community. The Grow the Music program at Wallaga Lake Koori Village has seen the birth of the Ngaardi Womens Choir and has helped to identify and support emerging professional musicians like Gabadoo, who now performs at festivals around the region.
In 2016, participants in Grow the Music, with the assistance of South East Arts, performed to very appreciative crowds at the Cobargo Folk Festival and the Candelo Village Festival. Performers included the Kids of Wallaga, Takeisha Thomas, Alison Walker, Gabadoo and the Gadhu Boys.
In 2018, Wallaga & Eden participants will go on to perform at Giiyong Grow the Music Concert at the Monaroo Bobberrer Gudu Keeping Place at Jigamy, Eden and will then be involved in the massive Giiyong Festival taking place in September.
An example of the benefits of the skills, experience and confidence gained from being part of the South East Arts’ Grow the Music programs, is Warren Foster Jnr. Warren is now studying music production at Wollongong University and has recently returned from a stint working for Grow the Music in outback Aboriginal communities. Warren will be giving back to the program this at Wallaga with his newly acquired sound engineering skills.
For more information on Grow the Music at Wallaga Lake Koori Village and Eden please contact Jazz Williams, Aboriginal Creative and Cultural Engagement Officer at South East Arts on (02) 6492 0711.