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Pioneering Projections

Location: Griffith, Western Riverina (Western Riverina Arts)
Contribution: $2,500 – Country Arts Support Program (CASP)
In 2016, Pioneering Projections workshops brought the bright lights of an event like Vivid to the dark paddock of Griffith Pioneer Park Museum. The project raised the profile of an emerging medium in the Griffith area and demonstrated how the granite sculptures produced for the centenary of the city could be used as a springboard for dazzling animations with sound.
Two workshops were run by Bermagui-based artist Scott Baker and Griffith Pioneer Park Museum curator Jason Richardson.  Participants gained hands on experience in video projection-mapping techniques and software.
Workshop organiser Jason Richardson noted that “It was pleasing to see contemporary technology as the focus of art workshops at a museum and the opportunity to incorporate the sculptures produced on-site was an example of one way in which the project adapted to changing conditions in the region.”
Participant Andrew Keith noted the significance of the unique opportunity the workshops provided, saying:
“It was great to have an opportunity to meet with other creative people and learn about projection techniques and also the music/soundscape work that Scott does. The venue was fantastic for the workshop and the sculptures provided an excellent demonstration surface for the projections.
I enjoyed learning about video projection-mapping and I have been experimenting with the software that Scott demonstrated. Projection mapping turned out to be more impressive than I expected. It really brings surfaces to life and it is a lot more visually stimulating than projecting onto a flat screen. I am looking forward to utilising the techniques I learned to augment the wire sculptures that I have been creating. The combination of projection and shadow effects will be very interesting.
I was surprised when I heard about this workshop because it is not often that we get the opportunity to experience non-traditional art forms without traveling. I’m glad I attended and I look forward to future events of this nature.”

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Pioneering Projections was supported by Create NSW’s (formerly Arts NSW) Country Arts Support Program, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts Development Organisations on behalf of the NSW Government.