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Bundjalung and Kunwinjku Women’s Cultural Exchange

The Bungjalung and Kunwinjku Women’s Cultural Exchange was a unique collaborative arts project between Wake Up Time Group, a Northern Rivers Bundjalung women’s textile-arts collective based in Casino, and a group of Kunwinjku women textile artists, from Injalak Arts, Oenpelli Northern Territory. Both groups specialise in fabric textiles including printing, dyeing and weaving. The project supported the women to develop and exchange traditions, skills and techniques and also to create strong and lasting reciprocal relationships of cultural significance to each group.
Prior to the Cultural Exchange, both groups collected their weaving materials and dyes from their resective areas. The Northern Rivers program initiated the exchange, with a meet and greet day in Casino involving Elders, Land Council members, community members and Local Government representatives. In the afternoon, both groups visited a local site to visit to collective native plants from Bundjalung. A cultural sharing day at Goonegerry followed to establish relationships and rapport.
The Wake Up Time women hosted a 2 day native plant silk dyeing workshop with Kunwinjku women. The women experimented with local plant dyes from both communities. Following this the Kunwinjku women hosted a 3-day screen printing workshop at Goonengerry with the support of Jude White.
At the conclusion of the 2-week cultural exchange program the Bundjalung and Kunwinjku women opened the doors to offer a weekend workshop for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. These workshops offered a unique opportunity for participants to engage and meet with both Bundjalung and Kunwinjku women, to share their culture and wisdom and learn the respective techniques of each group.

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