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Arts Northern Rivers | Our Way Stories: The Elders Book Project (2016)

Our Way Stories celebrates the lives of 10 of the most respected Elders from the Northern Rivers region of Bundjalung Country.
Arts Northern Rivers partnered with local Indigenous woman Dale Simone Roberts who worked alongside the Elders to record their stories and commissioned award-wining Bangalow photographer Kate Holmes to take their portraits.
“My interest in this project started with listening to the stories of my friend Uncle Magpie. I just thought to myself what a wealth of knowledge he has to share and he wanted to share it so generously. I just wondered if he doesn’t get to pass on his knowledge where does it go?” – Dale Simone Roberts
Through the book the Elders share their personal experiences of growing up on missions while trying to maintain their culture and language to encountering prejudice and discrimination in education and employment.
Despite the challenges the stories show their resilience and strength, their hope for the future and their overwhelming love of family, their love of country and their love of culture.
Aunty Dorrie Gordon became the first female Indigenous ordained minister in NSW (and the second in Australia), Uncle Athol Compton’s interest in culture and language took to him to New York to study acting and brought him home to star on stage and screen and Aunty Gwen Williams was deeply involved in the Aboriginal protest movements of the 1960s and became an ambassador for her people at home and abroad.
The Elders called the book Our Way Stories. Their hope is that the book will enable their knowledge to be passed on to generations to come.
The book was launched at the 2016 Byron Writers Festival and has a foreword by acclaimed Goorie novelist Melissa Lucashenko.
“Here are some wonderful yarns by Elders who have lived long and listened well. If we’re smart, we too can take the time to stop yapping, to listen and learn, as all those thousands of generations before us learned from their Elders” – Melissa Lucashenko.
All proceeds from the sale of the books go back to the Elders who so generously shared their stories.
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