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Insurance FAQ

What are the advantages of joining a group policy with Regional Arts NSW?

The advantages lie mainly with the buying power of a group. This gives you access to more competitive premiums and coverage which is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the arts and cultural sector.

Are the policies cheaper than other policies?

Regional Arts NSW cannot guarantee that Finsura quotes will be the cheapest but they are competitive. It is up to you to seek quotes for comparable policies and make the decision that is best for you. Be aware though that sometime the difference in a cheaper policy is in the ‘fine print’ or exclusions! If you do find a more competitive quote for a comparable product please let Regional Arts NSW know so we can follow up with Finsura.

Am I automatically covered as an affiliated member of Regional Arts NSW?

No, cover is NOT automatic. As an affiliated member of Regional Arts NSW you are eligible to join the group policy. Unless you have contacted the Finsura representative, paid an invoice, and been presented with a policy schedule you are not covered under the Group Policy.

Public Liability Insurance

What is public liability insurance?

Briefly, it provides indemnity to the policyholder in respect of bodily injury or property damages to third party caused by an accident or occurrence in connection with your activities. This is a legal liability policy where negligence must be established in the event of an accident.

There are standard exclusions in the policy some of which may be removed subject to agreement by the insurers upon receipt of satisfactory information and payment of an additional premium where applicable. The circumstances of each organisation will determine whether additional coverage will be required.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and Injury Insurance

What is Voluntary Workers Personal Accident and Injury Insurance?

Briefly this policy provides payment for bodily injury or death of an insured person caused by an accident as defined in the policy. Cover only applies while the insured person is actually engaged in unpaid voluntary work performed on behalf of the insured organisation: authorised and under the control of the said organisation.

The group policy provides cover for up 15 volunteer workers at any one time. The number of volunteers can change from activity to activity. For example, you may have a pool of 50 volunteers you can draw from but only 15 at any one time are covered.

Do the volunteers need to be members to be covered under our policy?

In most instances, insured persons should be a member of your organisation, however the policy can be extended to include any person who is deemed a volunteer upon request. For example, children & adults who may participate in workshops organised and run by Regional Arts NSW or its affiliates can be deemed ‘volunteer’ therefore covered by the policy. If in doubt, please contact Finsura.

Do the 15 volunteers need to be declared BY NAME before an activity (or at any other time)? And what proof of authorisation (identifying them as an approved volunteer) would the organization need to provide in the event of a claim?

No name is required at the time of cover.

What if we need more than 15 volunteers to be covered in the policy for our activities?

Each additional group of 15 volunteers can be covered subject to payment of additional premium to be agreed upon. For example, if you require 25 volunteers to be covered in an event or activity you would need to call Regional Arts NSW office or Finsura a minimum of 10 working days before the event  to arrange the purchase of this additional cover.

Is this additional cover purchased on an annual basis or can it be arranged event by event?

For example, your arts organisation has only has one event every year where you would exceed the 15 volunteer maximum.  As the additional premium charge is minimal it may be worthwhile to include cover for the additional number of volunteers on an annual basis.

Can Regional Arts NSW offer advice on the basic types of insurance required for our activities?

Regional Arts NSW is NOT qualified to provide advice on insurance requirements for your activities. It is VITAL that you discuss your organisation’s specific activities and needs DIRECTLY with the insurance broker.

How do I find out more about the policies?

Contact Alisha Wearne at Finsura on telephone 02 9899 2999 or email

Contact Regional Arts NSW Administration Officer, by telephone (02) 9270 2509 or email