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The Next Chapter

Great Australian stories don’t all look and sound the same. They don’t reflect a single set of experiences or come from just one place. The Next Chapter wants to find the Australian stories that aren’t being told; the voices we’re not hearing.
Presented by the Wheeler Centre, with support from the Aesop Foundation, The Next Chapter aims to support a new generation of writers’, from all sorts of backgrounds. The scheme gives writers’ the time, support and space they need to develop their work.
Each year, the Wheeler Centre will pick a diverse crop of ten outstanding new writers’ from around Australia and give them $15,000 each to develop their work. The Wheeler Centre will then match them with a mentor and work with them over 12 months and beyond to then connect them to publishers and readers.
Across the country – in our regions, in our suburbs, in our cities – we know there are aspiring writers’ with stories to tell. So let’s hear them.
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