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Slate Development Loan

What project formats are eligible?

We expect that development slates will mostly comprise projects from the genres eligible for Screen NSW funding. However, some flexibility will be extended in the interests of slate diversity and economic viability.


How much can I apply for?

The program provides interest free loans of up to $80,000 for up to five years.

Successful applicants who make a repayment and commence production in NSW within 12 months may be eligible to redraw the repayment amount together with a bonus loan of $15,000.

You must repay the loan from your next three productions and each repayment must be at least 30% of the outstanding loan.

Screen NSW will take a 10% share of the copyright in each of the projects comprising the minimum slate as security for the loan. We will reassign the rights to you once you have repaid the applicable amounts.


What can I use the money for?

Funding may be used to fund or contribute to the funding of:

Who is eligible?

Screen NSW general eligibility requirements can be found in our Terms of Trade, which should be read in conjunction with these guidelines.

The Slate Development Loan program is targeted at significant production businesses and individuals in NSW with a commitment to production in NSW and a proven ability to repay the loan.

Applicants must have a slate of at least three projects where the majority would be eligible for NSW development investment and are designed to be produced or post produced in NSW.

Production service companies are not eligible.

Screen NSW is committed to supporting increased participation in the industry of people from underrepresented groups including women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from CaLD backgrounds, people with disability, LGBTQI people, people from western Sydney and people from regional NSW. Priority will be given to teams including people from under-represented groups.


How and when can I apply?

You can apply at any time. Simply complete an online application form.


What do I need to submit?

You must submit all the materials listed on the form, including information that demonstrates financial stability and capacity to repay.


How will my application be assessed?

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Screen NSW may also consider the diversity and balance of companies supported under the program.

Further information on the assessment process

We may commission a confidential report from an external credit analyst. Development and Production team members assess projects across our entire suite of development and production programs.


How long will it take to receive a decision?

Between four and six weeks from the date that we acknowledge receipt of a completed application.


What are the terms of funding?

For terms covering repayment of the loan please see Slate Loan Agreement Screen NSW.

Recipients cannot apply to the Early or Advanced Development programs until the loan is repaid, but can apply to other Screen NSW programs.



If you would like to provide feedback, or believe you have cause for complaint, please consult our Feedback, Review and Formal Complaints Procedures.