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Skopelos Foundation for the Arts Residency

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts offers residencies for two weeks to two months for ceramists, mixed media artists, painters, printmakers and sculptors from March through December.
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is looking for the adventurous artist that would want to immerse themselves and create from the Greek culture. We offer residencies in ceramics, painting, printmaking and sculpting.
Greece is a land filled with hundreds of enchanted islands, and Skopelos is one of its most inviting. Located in the Aegean northeast of Athens, Skopelos offers visitors a memorable experience. The view of Skopelos Town from the harbor is breathtaking. A broad promenade for leisurely strolling along the waterfront, whitewashed cottages festooned with brilliant crimson bougainvillea, nestled against lofty, green hills–this is the Greece tourists hope to visit on cruises and seldom find.
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts adds an appealing accent to this beguiling island. Gloria Carr, a woman with a dream, established the Skopelos Foundation in the mid-90s. A graduate of George Mason University’s Fine Arts Program and the Pratt Institute in New York, Gloria traveled to Greece for a holiday. She landed on Skopelos, was enthralled by its beauty, and extended her holiday indefinitely.
And so the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts was launched. In a land where things move on Greek time, the American concept of deadlines hasn’t made much headway. Nevertheless, Gloria built a state-of-the-art studio and was ready to begin offering workshops in little more than a year. Her mission was “to give students, artists, and interested travelers an opportunity to experience Greek culture and art, both traditional and contemporary.”
The Greek culture is one of generosity, kindness, and togetherness. The Greeks are happiest when everyone is included. If you sit down to a meal with a group of people, you don’t leave until everybody is ready to leave. In this social climate, people go out together for coffee, dinner, or drinks. When you walk downtown to drink coffee, you might find a laborer, the mayor, a lawyer, and a carpenter all sitting at the same table, enjoying each other’s company. Their views matter, not their educational level, background, or income. We want to offer this same atmosphere in our residencies at the Foundation.
In Skopelos, people can leave their stress behind and be themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the common phrase is ‘siga, siga’ –‘slowly, slowly.” Visitors who want to shape this mellow, people-centered culture to their own lifestyles may feel uncomfortable at Skopelos. Adaptability is the key. If you look at change as an opportunity and not as a problem, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is the perfect place for you!
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