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SITEWORKS Call for Proposals

SITEWORKS is Bundanon Trust’s annual spring event that brings together artists, scientists, scholars and community voices in a unique annual gathering to share knowledge and experiences arising from responses to our properties. It attracts up to 1000 people each year.
See here for more information on previous Siteworks.
Bundanon Trust is an engine room for contemporary art practice in Australia. Given to the Australian people in 1993 by artist Arthur Boyd, the Bundanon property is set in bush and park land overlooking the Shoalhaven River on the NSW south coast. At the heart of our work is our artist-in-residence program, which hosts 300 artists each year across all disciplines.
The Theme: Micro
Tired of big ideas? Let’s be small-minded for a change. In 2018 Siteworks will turn its attention to very small things, whether living, inert, conceptual or hardly there at all. Microbes, doll houses, neutrinos, crumbs, nanobots, tiny desires and minute acts of subversion are all possible fields of enquiry. Interpret it as you will.
We’re open to all art forms and practices, and the works can be performative, perambulatory, stationery, installed, interactive, durational, virtual, or something else entirely. The only conceptual constraints are that the works must have a relationship with our site and some connection to the theme. Ideas that include partnerships with scientists are particularly encouraged.
What Bundaon Can Offer

Things to Consider
Siteworks is a one-day event happening in the grounds, fields and forest around the Bundanon homestead. The event runs from midday until late night. Works can happen day or night.
Siteworks is a unique event and a great place to make work. But it has its challenges.

We welcome all ideas, though Siteworks is particularly suited to:

For more information and to express interest visit the Bundanon Trust website.