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Seeing Ourselves - Developing the Developer: A Focus on Diversity

Developing the Developer is a four-day workshop aimed at increasing the pool of talented experts in the field of story development.
Screen Australia recognises that in order to contribute to our story development capacity and culture we need to continue to identify, nurture, develop and collaborate with new generations of fiction developers across story platforms and formats.
This is an opportunity for practitioners to enhance their existing screen story development skills or to transfer story skills from other areas such as theatre. For the purpose of this workshop, ‘Developers’ means practitioners who already work in or aspire to work in story development, as a script reader; script assessor; script consultant; script editor; development executive; script co-ordinator; script producer; or, dramaturg and who are passionate about facilitating other people’s creative visions on any platform (TV, VR, Online, Feature).
This workshop is not designed for creatives who wish to enhance their story development skills solely for their own projects.
Acknowledging the barriers which may exist to professionalisation in the field of screen story development, it is Screen Australia’s intent through Developing the Developer: A Focus on Diversity to increase the diversity of practitioners who work in screen story development to create a pool of developers more broadly reflective of Australian society. The outcomes will provide an enriched environment that has the potential to impact on what stories are told and by whom as well as to impact the decisions made through Screen Australia’s programs. For the purpose of these guidelines, diversity encompasses cultural background, disability status, sexual orientation and identity.
Eight participants will be selected for the four-day workshop to be hosted in Sydney from Thursday 12 April, Friday 13 April, Saturday 14 April and Sunday 15 April 2018. For interstate and regional practitioners, Screen Australia will support reasonable travel and accommodation requirements.
The Developing the Developer: A Focus on Diversity workshop will focus on development established philosophies, development methodologies and tools across fiction story platforms as well as market context.
The workshop will be practice-led and experiential and require collaboration and involvement by participants to prepare work prior to, and during, attendance.
The workshop structure includes:

After the workshop, Screen Australia will engage with each participant to discuss their goals and work with them to unlock support opportunities for participants to continue their practice in the story development field.
For more information visit the Screen Australia website.