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Regional Arts Fund (RAF)

Applications for the 2016 funding round of the Regional Arts Fund will open 20 June, 2016. 

Logos for RAF can be found here

The Regional Arts Fund provides grants supporting arts and cultural activities in regional NSW that are sustainable, have long term cultural, economic and social benefits, develop partnerships and cultural networks and provide skills development opportunities.

There is one round per year. This year’s closing date was 14 August for projects commencing in the following calendar year. Grants of more than $20,000 per year are available but must be discussed with Regional Arts NSW prior to applying. For the 2016 funding round, no multi-year funding will be available.

Announcement of RAF Grants

General RAF Information

There are three categories within which you can apply for the Regional Arts Fund. If you are unsure which category your project fits within, read the summaries below and the FAQ, and if you are still unsure, contact the funding manager.

Applications will be assessed by a panel of eight people, including representatives from diverse target groups and regions, with experience in a range of artforms. Members of the 2015 assessment panel (for 2016 projects) are yet to be confirmed.

1. New Initiatives

This category assists groups to undertake projects in any artform that:

Arts projects initiated by non-arts groups and organisations are encouraged. Applications must provide evidence of wider support for the proposed project.

2. Partnerships

This category assists groups to undertake projects in any artform that:

Partnerships can be with the non-arts sectors and specific target groups either within communities, between towns, within regions or across the state.

Each partner must fulfill the eligibility criteria. It is expected that each partner contributes equally to the project through skills, financial and / or in-kind assistance. Priority will be given to projects that identify and create new partnerships and projects in which the partnerships are important in promoting sustainability.

A project can have more than 2 partners. If so, include profile(s) of other partner(s) as an attachment to the application form.

3. Residencies and Mentorships

This category assists groups to undertake projects in any artform that:

Preference will be given to proposals that access skills and development not available locally. Applications for formal study or long term training courses will not be considered.

A list of the assessment panel members for the 2014 funding round can be found here.


Contact the Funding Manager.
Tel 02 9270 2502 Email

Information and Forms

Application forms for the 2016 grant round are available below. Please take the time to read the guidelines before filling in your application.

If you are an applicant who will be using a Mac to download and fill in your form,

If you have difficulties downloading the application pack, it may be due to your security settings – please email the funding manager on the address above to get an un-zipped version emailed to you.

We have had some reports of problems filling in the form with the latest Adobe Reader DC software. This problem may be solved by using either version 10 or 11 of Adobe Reader instead, which can be downloaded here: