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MAAS Research Fellowship Program

The MAAS Visiting Research Fellowship Program provides a supportive environment for researchers to undertake research related to the Museum’s collection, education, conservation and museum practice. The fellowships enable researchers to access the Museum’s resources to support their research for a short period of time. The visit will initiate and develop collaborative research and facilitate interaction with, and training of, MAAS staff. Visiting fellows are expected to make a tangible contribution to the Museum during the period of their stay, for example, through presenting work-in-progress or research outcomes to MAAS staff or through the public programs offered by the Museum, professional development for MAAS staff, contributing to object statements, writing articles for publications, or by making a broad contribution to the Museum’s public programs.
The fellowships are targeted at established researchers such as university academics and independent scholars.
Applicants are required to have a PhD, experience working in a research environment (for example, a university, a museum), and a scholarly track record.
The Museum is seeking participants with proposals that address the Museum’s four strategic ambitions: curiosity, creativity, collaboration & sustainability, in addition to one of the eight key research areas:

Fellows will be provided with access to:

For more information visit the MAAS website.