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Jardin Orange Residency

Jardin Orange (“Orange Garden”) is a new artist residency in the north of Shenzhen, China. It has been host to and seeks to promote talented artists both from within China as well as to bring international artists to the burgeoning Chinese market. The overall mission of the project is to become an active participant in the region’s artistic growth as well as to become a “magnet” residency that attracts and supports young artists in their careers. Artists come here to be culturally flexible, push beyond their comfort zone, to work hard and to experiment with new forms of personal expression that they haven’t tried before.
Jardin Orange Artist Residency (JO) offers Artists-In-Residence (AIR) a unique environment to spend extended residencies within the burgeoning young metropolis of Shenzhen, in southern China.
This residency, in particular, is for artists to come explore their personal stylistic boundaries, to attempt things that they haven’t done before, to experiment with new techniques and to consider the advice of others. We strive to encourage, in every step of the creative process, the forward motion and evolution of each artist that pushes them ahead in their professional journey. Jardin Orange Artist Residency is designed as an opportunity for artists to intensively pursue creative work away from their home setting and to welcomely embrace the modern Chinese urban setting.
We are looking to host recognised international and regional artists so they can develop their creative visions to new limits and to work on a series of canvas pieces that can then be then displayed and sold in our gallery.
Eligible Applicants
JO offers 4 to 12-week duration residencies throughout the year. The goal is to host around 2-3 artists per month. This means, potentially, dozens of artists are provided the opportunity to live and work at Jardin Orange Artist Residency each year.
This residency is currently open (til end of 2017) to “local” (those residing in the SZ/HK/GZ area) the artistic genre of visual art of painting. Unfortunately, we are not equipped for the performing arts, music creation, installations, large sculptures and “old-school” photography processing.
Artists are expected to commit to this mission: Jardin Orange offers each artist the autonomy and space to engage in his or her personal stylistic exploration; the artist is thought to be flexible, willing to push beyond one’s comfort zone and experiments with new forms of artistic expression and techniques.
2018 Applications are submitted by e-mail to A complete application includes:

Each resident is provided access to an individual studio space (37 sq. meters) and shared kitchen space. Sometimes, studios may be shared depending on volume of artists. Studios are located inside the residency’s three-story building and are fully equipped. Have 300-sq. meter public gallery and several offices.
Program Fees

For more information visit the official website.