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Indigenous | Songlines on Screen

Due to the success of the first Songlines on Screen Initiative held in 2014, both Screen Australia and NITV are pleased to announce a second Songlines on Screen initiative opportunity.
This initiative aims to give place to some of the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander songlines that are integral to the makeup of Indigenous Australia, incorporating the full spectrum of storytelling including dance, song, art, body painting, and sites of significance.
Screen Australia and NITV are requesting proposals from appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander production companies and media organisations to record a songline or songline segment (one per company/organisation) that has been identified as being the most important and relevant to record at this time.
Up to 10 projects will be funded through development and production stages. Each will result in a broadcast-quality program of at least 15 minutes in duration, communicating the ‘open story’ of the songline or songline segment, with additional footage able to be used for other purposes at the discretion of the custodians. The footage will also be archived under appropriate conditions at two separate locations to ensure preservation and ongoing access and control by the songline’s custodians.
In addition, the initiative aims to develop screen production skills in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through their participation in recording their own stories.
For more information visit the Screen Australia website.