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Indigenous Producer Internship Program

Targeted industry placements to advance the skills of early-career creative Indigenous producers.

The Indigenous Producer Internship Program will provide the opportunity for  participants to undertake creative producer internships with successful production companies on a full-time basis over a one-year period, or a part time basis over a two-year period, being mentored by an experienced Australian producer.

The program aims to grow the number of Indigenous Producers currently working in the Screen Industry, ensure sustainable ongoing employment, and increase screen credits for early career producers.

The applications will need to be jointly completed by the Indigenous Producer participant and the mentoring Producer and Company.
The Indigenous Producer Internship Program will support up to three Indigenous Producers to undertake internships with a chosen production company and alongside a committed producer mentor with a proven track record. The company will be responsible for employing and mentoring the intern over the duration of the internship. (12 months full time, or 24 months part time). Screen Australia expects to provide each company with around $50,000–70,000 per year as a contribution to the salary of the Indigenous Producer placement.
The program is aimed at established screen businesses with capacity to provide intensive on-the-job development for an emerging Indigenous creative producer. Funding will target applicants (jointly the Indigenous Producer and Production Company Mentor) who  have strategies to deliver high-level experience resulting in screen credits.

The program aims to support the early career development of Indigenous producers, which may include diversifying the skills of industry professionals.

Companies must not submit more than one application. This application can be for one candidate only.
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