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Ignition Prize

The NAVA Ignition Prize for Professional Practice is awarded to a graduating student from university art and design schools that are ACUADS (Australian Council of University Art & Design Schools) members. One prize is offered to a student who achieved the highest marks in their professional practice unit or who academic staff feel would be most deserving of the benefits offered by the prize – a one year NAVA Premium Membership package. The Premium Membership includes access to resources which young artists embarking on their career will find invaluable: fact sheets, check lists and tutorials, guides, expert information and advice, opportunities and discounts for courses and events.
By offering the prize, NAVA supports graduates and alerts them to the benefits available via their professional association. Joining with their peers gives emerging artists a sense of continuing inclusion in the Australian visual arts community.
If you would like to offer the Ignition Prize to your students, please contact NAVA on