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HIDDEN: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk 2018

HIDDEN – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk is an outdoor sculpture exhibition that provides artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in Australia’s most historic and culturally significant cemetery. Rookwood Cemetery is interested in exhibiting works that respond to the themes surrounding the Rookwood site, such as history, culture, remembrance and love.
We are also interested in applications that are inspired by HIDDEN’s 10th anniversary. This may include (but, is not limited to) notions relating to the changing role of public interaction with cemeteries over the past 10 years (such as the reinvention of “graveyards” into active parklands) and/or an exploration of where we see ourselves as a community, in terms of conversations around end of life and how cemeteries could look in the future.
The Trust is open to a wide range of artistic approaches and artists can choose to approach the themes in a representational, conceptual, symbolic or abstract way.
Artists may propose works yet to be made or existing works that relate to the exhibition themes (produced post September 2016).

Further information and application forms can be downloaded from
For queries regarding the exhibition or application process please contact
Cassandra Hard Lawrie on 0425 327 590 or at