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Feature Films | Distribution Better Deals

The Australian distribution landscape for feature films is challenging and securing a local distribution deal is particularly tough for female-driven productions.
Gender Matters: Better Deals is a pilot program that will create a new incentive for distributors considering quality female-driven projects. In exchange, the producer may share a small percentage of the film’s receipts (to be negotiated between the producer and the distributor, with Screen Australia approval) returning revenue back to the industry to support the development of future projects.
This pilot program will give qualifying producers greater negotiating power to secure better deals with distributors. It will encourage healthy competition and lead to greater discussion and consideration of the gender makeup for commercial Australian projects in the local market. It also encourages positive collaboration between producers and distributors, giving the producer a voice throughout the distribution process.
This funding support will remove some of the barriers and disincentives affecting films that are perceived to be riskier in the marketplace and encouraging distributors to consider new and exciting projects from skilled female creative teams.
For more information visit the Screen Australia website.