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Domino's Give for Good

Building vibrant, resilient and adaptive rural, regional and remote communities is a vision shared by FRRR and Domino’s. We believe this can be achieved by harnessing and investing in the economic, community leadership and social strengths that exist in communities.
Give for Good is an annual program offering rural, regional and remote Australian communities grants of up to $5,000, for community-led projects that respond to one of these three impact areas. A total of $150,000 will be available in 2016.

  1. Education and youth initiatives (17yrs and over): provide young people in rural communities with opportunities to develop skills, access quality vocational and traditional education, and receive support for issues that may affect or hinder their participation and inclusion in community life.
  2. Leadership and entrepreneurship: to harness, nurture, develop and leverage the creativity that exists within communities to respond to local opportunities and challenges e.g. employment, tourism, enterprise, and local service sustainability.
  3. Skills, knowledge, and networks needed to prepare and recover from natural disasters: ensure that communities impacted by natural disasters can access support for community-led recovery when they are ready, and for projects that will facilitate their recovery. Importantly, better prepared communities tend to recover better, and funds will also be available to support projects that help communities to work together around risks and being prepared.

For more information visit the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal website.