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Australian Cultural Fund

The Australian Cultural Fund is a collective funding platform for Australian artists. The fund was established in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts, and is managed by Creative Partnerships Australia.
Since its inception the ACF has helped to raise millions of dollars for Australian artists, allowing them to share their stories, passion, and creativity around Australia and the world.
Creative Partnerships is a not-for-profit organisation supported by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts, created to increase philanthropic, business and social investment in Australia’s cultural sectors. Creative Parnerhsips’ unique Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status allows the ACF to offer tax deductibility to donors.
Through the ACF, artists upload their project and invite art lovers and supporters to donate to the projects they care about the most. We work to ensure two very important things:
The artist always wins. Unlike other all-or-nothing crowdfunding platforms, ACF donors commit rather than pledge funds. While artists set a funding goal, if it is not met at the end of the campaign all donations are still taken into account (minus a 5% service charge).
The donor wins, too. Donations over $2 are tax deductible through the ACF. Plus, art lovers and supporters get the chance to make a real difference to the work of Australian artists.
For more information visit the Australian Cultural Fund website.